When Rob isn’t cooking something delicious or playing with his
daughter, he’s making music.

He’s combing through memories and senses to
brew up songs that live in the enchanted territory where words and melody
meet the gut. His charm and affability ride shotgun with tunes that rollercoaster
between utter vulnerability and belly laughs.

Rob has followed a twisty back road to songwriter. He has been a horn player
and leader of funk-jazz outfit, New Basics Brass Band, for nearly 20 years. His
work with NBBB has resulted in 3 studio albums and performances such as
SXSW in Austin and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. In winter of 2009
Rob started flirting with a guitar a friend left behind. Songs began rolling out
and he haven’t stopped since.

Rob is member of the Columbus Songwriters Association and has performed on numerous showcases and song circles. He leads a monthly songwriting group called, The Fertilizers, hosts a monthly showcase called, Troubadour Tuesdays,
and has facilitated songwriting workshops at The Ohio State University.

In September 2016, Rob released his first solo album of original singer-songwriter material called, Marvelous Machine.